The Form Processor

The Form Processor is located in FormReturn's server.

When form images are uploaded to the Processing Queue, they are moved into the incoming images table in the active database in FormReturn's server. The Form Processor in the Server polls the incoming images table, looks for the first image in the queue then reads each one sequentially. When the processor finds a barcode, it will look at the form structure in the database, read the form and capture its result to captured data. If the form processor doesnt recognize a barcode, it will move the image to the Unidentified images table in the processing queue.

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1) Queue Information provides information on the Error status of form image files, the processed image files, the time it took to process each image and the estimated time left.

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2) Form Processor Status shows how long the form processor has been active. Optionally have the Form Processor start when the FormReturn Server starts up.

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3) Manually Load Form Images directly to the Server.

4) Automatically poll for incoming form images using the Folder Monitor task in the 'Task Scheduler' part of FormReturn's server.