Server: Form Processor Settings

Server: Task Scheduler

Locate the FormReturn server icon in the task bar and click the "Form Processor" Tab.

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Queue Information

Provides information on processed form files, processing errors and the estimated time left.

Form Processor Status

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  • Manually start, stop or restart the form processor.

  • Optionally have the processor start every time the FormReturn server starts.

Manually Load Form Images

Manually upload a scanned form image file directly to FormReturn's server.

  • Click Browse and find the file on your computer.

Manually upload a folder of scanned form images directly to FormReturn's server.

  • Click Browse and find the folder of saved scanned images on your computer.

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Server: Task Scheduler

Set Tasks to automate Form Image Uploads, Data Processing and Captured Data Export.

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Click 'Create Task' and select a task to set.

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Export Task

Automate the export of captured data from selected publications, by setting an Export Task.

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Export Task Dialog


  • Task Description - type a description for the publication export task.

  • Trigger Settings - The frequency of running the automatic export (86,400 seconds = 1 day)

  • Publications to Export - Type the Publication ID numbers, separated by a comma if there is more than one. You can get the publication ID numbers from Captured Data.

  • Choose the type of publication export (captured data delimited file, scanned images, xml output).

  • Click "Proceed with Delimited Export" and choose where the csv file will be saved on your computer.

  • Click "Save" to start the Automatic Export task which will occur at the frequency you selected.

  • When FormReturn starts the Server will automatically run the form processor, to manually start or stop a task, go to Form Processor settings. To stop or Remove the task, Select the task in the "Task List" and then click "Stop Task" or "Remove Task".

Folder Monitor Task

The purpose of the Folder Monitor, is to have FormReturn automatically poll for scanned form image files, or source data CSV files, which appear in selected folders.

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Image Folder Monitor

FormReturn automatically uploads and processes incoming scanned image files from a selected folder, "Unprocessed files folder". After the images have been processed they are moved to a "Processed Files Folder". Your scanner must be set up to save scanned images to the Unprocessed files folder.


  • Task Description - Type a name for the automatic folder monitor task.

  • Type of Monitor - Choose from Image Folder Monitor.

Source Data Folder Monitor

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FormReturn automatically polls for and imports source data records from a selected folder at the frequency you select e.g. daily. Each time the task runs and finds a csv file, a new table using the csv file name is created in source data. The csv file must have the field names of each column as the first line in the file.


  • Task Description - Type a name for the automatic folder monitor task.

  • Type of Monitor - An example of task description for the source data folder monitor.

NOTE: All CSV files must contain the field names of each column in the first line of the file.

Folder Locations

  • Browse to select the folder where scanned unprocessed image files are saved e.g. "Unprocessed files folder".

  • Browse to select the folder where the image files are to be sent after they are processed e.g. "Processed files folder"

Trigger Settings

Poll Frequency Trigger

Select the frequency you want FormReturn to poll for incoming files. E.g. every 30 seconds, check a folder for unprocessed images.

Cron Expression Trigger

Trigger a task at a specific time or schedule with a Cron expression. FormReturn uses Quartz Scheduler for its task scheduling system and works the cron expressions found here:

Then click "Save" to finish setting the folder monitor task.

Database Vaccum Task

Database vacuuming is required to reduce the size of your database once data has been deleted. It is important to automatically run this task if you don't shut FormReturn Server down frequently.

Click the "Database Vacuum Task" button to show the task creation dialog.

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  • Trigger Settings - Select the frequency to vacuum the database or select "Start" manually in the Form Processor settings.
  • 'Run Task When Server Starts Up' Keep selected.