Purpose of the Server

Open FormReturn's server by clicking on the blue server icon in your task bar.

  FormReturn's Server has three main uses, Database storage, Form Processing and Task Scheduling.


The purpose of FormReturn Server's database is:

  • Storage of Source data tables containing records.
  • Storage of Form publication information and the structure of the template.
  • Storage of captured data.
  • Removal or Creation of databases. The FormReturn server can contain more than one database.
  • Backing up everything stored in the database - it is advisable to regularly backup your database.
  • Managing the Users of the FormReturn server.

   Server Database Settings

Form Processor

The Form Processor is the part of FormReturn's server that analyzes and processes incoming scanned form image files and sends the aquired data to Captured Data.

  Server Form Processor Settings 

Task Scheduler 

The Task Scheduler is set when you want to automate:

  1. Export of Captured Data
  2. Form Image Uploading by setting up the Folder Monitor,
  3. Vacuuming of the database at regular intervals.