Publication Process

When the form template is finished being designed, it is "Published" to store the template information in FormReturn's database, so the scanned forms can be recognized by the program. The form template can be published as a unique form, identified to each recipient, or it can be published as a single unidentified form and copied or printed into as many forms as you need.

The Form Publication Must Connect to a Source Data Table.

When publishing the form template, a data table, created in 'Source Data', is selected for the publication to connect to. The captured data from each form page is stored with a record taken from the data table, whether it is a unique record, such as a persons name, ID number, or a generated numeric record.
Add a Source Data Table

Select the Publication Type

The Publication Type selected will depend on the way in which the forms will connect with a0 source data record.
- Forms which are Uniquely identified to the respondent, will connect the captured data with the respondent's record taken from the source data table.
- Forms which are unidentified to the respondent will connect with a data table record using a captured ID number or an automatically generated numeric record will be created in the source data table.

Don't Delete Publications until they are Completely finished With.

Important Information: If you delete any publication from Captured Data before the forms from that publication have been scanned and processed, the data captured from the forms will have nothing to link to. This means your scanned and uploaded form images will throw an error message saying Form ID unidentified, or something like that. The way around this is to re-publish the template, print the forms again and have the respondents fill them out again, or manually re-process the checkbox responses for each form page.

Check the Form Template Settings

  • Make sure Mark areas are correctly set up and the aggregation rule has been added, if you are using one.
  • Make sure the chosen method of form identification has been added to the template.
  • Make sure the template has been Recognition Tested and FormReturn can detect barcodes and fragments from form images produced by your scanner.
  • Make sure the Source data table and respondent's records have been added.
  • Make sure you know which Publication Type to select. This will depend on the Form Identification and how the captured data will connect to the source data table.