Managing Captured Data

When your uploaded scanned images have been processed into Captured Data, the captured checkbox values and scores can be viewed in Captured Data along with the scanned form image preview. To manage captured data for a Publication, click the Captured Data icon in the Application toolbar.

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Form Pages
Scanned Form Page Preview
Reprocessing Screen
Publication Settings


When you publish a form template, the publication name and it's template information is temporarily stored in formreturn's server. The Publication Name and Captured Data associated with it can be managed in Captured Data.

When you open Captured Data you will see a list of the Publications in FormReturn.

Click on a Publication name to select it and manage the captured data by choosing an option from the Publications Panel, the Forms Tab or the Form Pages Tab.

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A screenshot of the Captured Data interface. You can see a list of publications, each one with a Publication ID, a Publication Name and the Publication Type that was used.

Publications Panel

Publications panel

Refresh - update any recent publications or processed response Data.

Clear Data - delete the captured data from selected publications.

Delete - delete the selected publication (Warning - do not delete a publication until you are sure it is finished with and all captured data has been exported)

Export Data - export captured data from the selected Publication to a CSV File which will open in a spreadsheet. Export Captured Data.

Rename - the selected publication.

Settings - Click to re-set answer key settings, automatic grading settings, recognition setting etc. for the selected publication.

Extend - Include any newly added Source Data Records in the Captured Data for the selected Publication.


Clicking the Forms Tab will show all the forms in the selected Publication. Manage the forms in the publication using the Forms Panel or select a form and click the Form Pages Tab to view the captured data and the scanned image preview for each form page.

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Captured Data for forms in the publication. When there is an error count the form pages can be Reprocessed

Forms Panel

  • ID: is automatically generated for use by FormReturn when linking data.
  • Form Password: is the Form ID Barcode value for the published form.
  • Form Score: The total score given for each page if the aggregation rule was set.
  • Error Count: The number of processing errors on each form.

Forms Panel

  • Clear Filter: click to show all forms for all publications.
  • Refresh Button: Click to update newly processed data.
  • Clear Data: clears the captured data from the selected form.
  • Delete Button: Click to delete selected form records. (Warning: do not delete forms from Form ID publications and there will be nothing for data to link to)
  • Export Data Button: Click to export the captured data from the publication to a spreadsheet.

Form Pages

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Select a form page to view the captured value data and Preview the scanned page image.

If a form hasn't been processed, the Processed Time will read as "not yet processed".

If the form was scanned and should have been processed, look for it in Unidentified Images in the Processing Queue.**

If there is an ERROR! message in the Captured Value column, the checkbox data can be changed in the Reprocessing Screen.

error message

Form Pages Panel

form pages panel

  • Clear Filter:
  • Refresh: to update recently added publications or processed data.
  • Clear Data: clears captured data from a selected form.
  • Preview: View a scanned page image.
  • Reprocess: Reprocess Form Pages with Errors in the captured response data.

Scanned Form Page Preview

With the form page selected, Click the Preview button in the Form Pages panel to open the full size preview of the scanned form page. showing the mark detection.

Minimize / maximize the image using the zoom buttons.

View how the captured checkbox data was detected.

Click "Save to Disk" to save the image on your computer.

Reprocess Forms with Errors

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Reprocess Form Page Errors

Errors in captured data are often due to badly scanned images or the checkboxes may not have been correctly filled in.

If your forms are often throwing errors when there should be nothing wrong, do a test preview to test your scanner's settings.

If pencil was used to make the marks in checkboxes, FormReturn's recogniton settings or your scanner settings may need adjusting.

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Questions 1,2,3 and 5 can be manually re-processed to change the captured data. Click the Reprocess button in the Form Pages panel.

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  • When the Reprocessing screen opens, the segment should be detected with a green border and the mark area fragments should all be detected separately in red. If the fragments are not detected, you will need to have them manually detected by drawing around them with the segment stencil tool. Manually Select the Segment

  • Click "Settings" in the "Segment Area" panel or Double click anywhere in the fields panel, to open the Segment Stencil Editor. Click on the fields that need to be fixed and modify the errors by selecting the correct "Captured Data Values", then click the "Update" button to finish the reprocessing.

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Change the Captured Data Values - - - - - -

Manually Select the Segment Area.

If the segment area isn't auto selected, manually select it by clicking on 'Add Segment Area'

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Drag your mouse to draw around the segment from the top right segment barcode to the bottom left segment barcode. Keep the selection edges exactly aligned with the barcode edges. It is important that all the checkboxes are aligned inside of the fragment edges for the detection of the response data. If the Fragments aren't properly aligned Click hereĀ»

  • Click Detect Data to show the detected checkbox data.

  • Select the Fieldnames with errors one at a time and modify the checkbox mark values.
  • Click the Update button and check the response data to make sure it's all correct.
  • Then click the Save button in the Detection panel.

When Fragments aren't aligned

enter image description here

The fragments edges in this image aren't properly aligned, some of them are touching the checkboxes.

Overcome this problem by increasing the Fragment padding.

This will make the fragment detection area bigger so that all the fragment edges on the segment are aligned with the checkboxes.

Publication Settings

Readjust Publication settings for a selected form template or download published form template files from FormReturn's database.

Click the Settings button in the Publications panel to open the Publication Settings Editor.

Set the Answer Key
Set Automatic Grading
Set XSL-FO Report Templates
Set Recognition Settings
Download Publication Files

Answer Key Settings

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  1. Click in the fields under "New Aggregation Rule" and type the new rules.

  2. Click Save Changes

  3. Click Recalculate Scores

Alternatively, Export the Answer Key and save on your computer, open and change to new rules, save and Import back into FormReturn.

Set Automatic Grading

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Set XSL-FO Report Templates

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Add XSL template files to FormReturn which can be rendered into PDF reports for the selected publication.

Set Recognition Settings for a Publication

When the data captured from scanned form images isn't detected properly you may need to reset the Recognition Settings for the Publication.

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The reason could be that pencil was used by the respondents and the marks aren't dark enough to be detected by FormReturn.

  • Increase the Recognition luminence or mark threshold settings and save. Note: Don't increase the Luminence to any more than 200. More Information on Recognition Settings.

View a Screencast on Recognition Settings

Download Publication Files

If a form template is accidently deleted, the published template file pdf file can be downloaded from FormReturn's database.

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Select the publication. Click the Download button and re-name the file. Choose the save to location and click Save.


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Bypass Form ID Barcodes

This Advanced setting is a work around for when there is no Form ID Barcode on the scanned forms to link to a publication, you need to tell FormReturn which Publication the forms belong to and also you need to scan the forms in the same order as the records are in the Source Data table they are to link to.

Reconciliation Key On First Page

Change Publication Type

This Advanced setting is only for changing "Key Field" Publication Types, which are "Append Only" and "Append or New Record"

  1. Select the "Publication" you want to change the type for, in "Captured Data"

  2. Click "Settings" and Click "Advanced"

  3. Choose the new Publication type from the drop down menu under "Change Publication Type".