Form Template Components

A form can be made up of one or more form pages, with the main components of each page being the Segment, which contains the checkbox Mark Areas, and the Form ID Barcode. All other components added to the form template, such as a form identification component or a key field are optional.

All components are added using the drawing tools in the the Form editor.

The Segment is designed as a separate component containing the OMR data capture components which are the OMR Checkboxes and optional Key Fields. The reason the segment is designed separately is because each segment has location barcodes used by the software to locate where the OMR data capture components can be detected on the scanned pages.

An identification component is optional, which will reconcile the captured data from each form page with it's matching record in a Source Data Table.

Recognition testing of the components added to the form template is an important step towards designing a Scannable Form that can be recognized by FormReturn.

Click on the image below to view it as a PDF file.

A FormReturn form template page, showing the names of the components which have been added to the form page.