Form Recognition Testing

Click the 'Recognition Preview' tab in either the segment editor or the form editor to recognition preview the form template design. Recognition Testing ensures your scanned forms will be recognized and checkbox data accurately captured.

1.) The 'Print Preview' checks the form components are added correctly, the barcodes, the segment, the mark areas and test marks made in checkboxes, can be detected by the software.

2.) The 'Test Preview' tests the detection of a scanned image of the form template by FormReturn.

A Print Preview can be done intermittently while designing both the segment and form template pages.

In the Segment Editor or the Form Editor, Click 'Recogniton Preview' and 'Print Preview', if it is not already selected.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Preview Check Panel.

Select the boxes in the Preview check Panel to Note: Make sure the Form ID Barcode, the two segment barcodes, the segment border and the mark area fragments are all detected as separate components.

  • Detect Barcodes: The form ID barcode will show as detected with a pink outline, the segment barcodes will be detected with a blue outline.
  • Detect Segments: Segments on the form page will be detected with a green outline.
  • Detect Fragments: The fragments will show as detected with a red outline, fragments are checkbox mark areas, Key Field ID grids or a Key Field Barcode Area.
  • Detect Marks: will detect the mark values of checkboxes you have filled in to test. To fill in some test checkbox marks, go back to the segment or form editor and using the circle tool, place some small filled marks in some of the checkboxes. Don't forget to go back and delete the marks afterwards.
  • Make sure all text is showing in the text areas, if a text area is too small, some of the text may be missing and the area will need to be made larger.

enter image description here

Detected: Barcodes, Segment, Fragments and Marks

IMPORTANT: If a form template has any undetected elements, you will need to go back to the segment editor or form editor where they were added, and correct any errors. Possible causes of broken detection

Test Preview

A test preview of the form template, tests the scanner's settings to produce clear images for FormReturn.

1.) In the 'Recognition Preview' screen print the form template by clicking the 'Print' button.

Print Button

2.) Fill in some of the checkboxes on the printed form with a pen or pencil.
3.) Scan the pages at 400dpi and and save on your computer.

  • If there is more than one page in your form template, print, scan and test preview each page.

4.) Click 'Test Preview'.

test preview

5.) Click 'Browse Image' to open the saved scanned form image into the test preview window.

Browse Image

6.) Click the boxes in the Preview Check Panel.
7.) Look at the image to make sure the Form ID Barcode, the Segment barcodes, the Segment, each separate Fragment and filled in checkbox marks are detected accurately.

enter image description here

Detected barcodes, segment, fragments and marks. Note: The scanned form template image opened in the test preview window has not been processed into captured data.

Click any Fragment to open 'Mark Detection Details' to focus on a particular area.

Mark Detection

Silhouettes shows the pixel count extracted from each checkbox, the Mark Threshold and the Mark Value for each checkbox.

enter image description here

Scanned barcodes must be clear to be detected.

Recognition Preview Interface Buttons

enter image description here

Zoom: to focus on a particular area or see the whole page.
Set Preview Field Data: Modify the fieldname data of template variable replacement fields (Template Variable Replacement)
Print: - Print the Preview page
Save As PDF: - Saves the preview page as a PDF file.

Test Preview

enter image description here

Details of scanned image.
Scan Image button: Automatically scan the form template page using TWAIN.
Browse Image: to open form page image in Test Preview.
Clear: - Clears the preview Image.
Zoom: to focus on a particular area.

Recognition Panel

enter image description here

Modify the Recognition Settings for the template if needed. Full Guide to Recognition Settings

Possible Causes of Broken Detection

Broken detection of any of the Elements in the print preview or the test preview, is most often caused by dark text, lines or objects too close to or touching the barcodes, the segment edges or the fragments.

Broken detection in the Test preview could be caused by an imperfectly scanned form. Zoom to 1000% on a test preview image and focus on the barcode and mark areas to establish if the page has been perfectly scanned.

Barcode Not Detected

Possible Causes

  • Part of the Barcode is obscured.
  • Dark text, lines or objects touching one or more of the barcodes.
  • The Form ID Barcode has been accidently squashed or made smaller, delete the barcode and add it again.

  • Test Preview Scanned Image: Set a higher resolution or contrast on your scanner and re-scan the form to get a clearer image.

Information on Scanning Forms.

Segments Not Detected

Possible Causes

  • Segment barcodes are partly obscured by black text, lines or checkboxes.
  • One or more of the Fragment borders is touching black text, lines or objects.
  • One or more of the Fragments (Mark Areas or a Key Field OMR ID Grid) is too close to or over the segment border.
  • One or more elements added to the Segment has been pushed partly over the segment border.

Fragments not Detected

Possible Causes

  • Fragment borders are touching or pushed outside the borders of the segment.
  • Black text or lines are touching a mark area.
  • Black text or lines are touching a Segment Barcode.

Marks Not Detected

Printed Instructions or a clip art diagram for the respondents on how to fill in the checkboxes is a good idea.

Possible Causes

  • Print Preview: Test Marks made by filling in some of the checkboxes using one of the drawing tools, aren't dark enough or large enough.
  • Test Preview: Double click on the Fragment to open 'Mark Detection Details' and check the Mark Threshold % setting against the number of pixels detected for each checkbox.
  • The Scanned image isn't clear enough.
  • Marks made in checkboxes aren't big enough or dark enough. (Check the Mark Threshold of the Marks)
  • For color scanned images, the Luminance setting not set high enough if pencil was used to make the marks.

Read more about Mark Threshold Settings Read more about Luminance Settings

Full Guide to Recognition Settings.