My data has "disappeared" or I cannot set any of my publications or source data. Where has it gone?

This is caused by one of three problems:

  1. You're not using the same computer you published the forms on.

  2. You deleted it.

  3. (most common answer) You're network settings for connecting the client program to the server program are not correct. FormReturn communicates with its database using TCP/IP. If you are just using FormReturn on your local computer, follow these steps to reset the connection:

  • Start FormReturn (and FormReturn Server), then once FormReturn has started, click the Preferences button at the top. Click the Database tab, then click "Restore Defaults". Select the your database from the list below that and click "Set as active database". Shut down FormReturn and restart it.

  • If it doesn't work after that, you may have a problem with the Firewall on your computer, or your computer's privileges. Contact your system's administrator to allow port 1527 to run as a server on your computer (by allowing port 1527 for local connections).

  1. You are using FormReturn networked and your network configuration is incorrect. If you do not understand how TCP/IP works, please contact your system administrator or lodge a support ticket after purchasing a developer support package.