Answer Keys

We produce a large number of exams using exam banks. We export answer keys to be able to currently mark. I can only find a manual entry of answers as aggregation rules. Is there a way we can import or scan in answers for various form templates (exams)?


You can import and export answer keys only from already published forms. To do that, go to captured data, click on the publication that you wish to change the answer key for, then a publication settings dialog will appear. From here, click export answer key. This will export the answer key to a CSV file. You can edit CSV files in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. To change the answer keys, modify the aggregation rule in the second column and save the file. Then go back to the publication settings dialog and click import answer key. Once the answer key is imported, it is important to click the UPDATE button or the imported key will not update the values.

That will change the key, but if you want to modify already scanned form's results, you will need to rescan or re-upload the form images for the new aggregation rules to re-score the forms.

Please let me know if there are any further questions you have with this.

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