The trial version of program does not start up. Double clicking the Form Return icon brings up the word Form Return for one second and then the program quits. Tried downloading and installing twice. Using mac OS 10.5.8.

All versions of FormReturn from 1.4 to 1.4.4 will not work in anything less than Mac OS X 10.6. This is caused by the new plugin architecture introduced in version 1.4 which requires Java 6 (minimum) to work. Unfortunately, only Java 5 is available for all mac versions before 10.6.

I have tried to compile the plugin code for java 1.5 but it won't compile because of how it is written. Ultimately, the problems that 10.5 causes (this problem, a random JVM crash bug that apple wont fix and a major font loading issue) may mean that we will no longer support 10.5 or lower.

If you want to use FormReturn on Mac 10.5, Version 1.3.1 will still work. You can download it from the following URL: http://formreturn.s3.amazonaws.com/FormReturn_setup_1.3.1.jar