Multiple pages have two records instead of one in the captured data.

Multiple pages have two records instead of one in the captured data. The first record has half the data and the second record has the other half. What did I do wrong and how to I get the pages into one record?


The reason you get two records is because you published the form as a "Key field reconciles" publication, and you don't have a Key Field (a bubble grid or a barcode reader area) on BOTH pages.

The key field will tie the two pages together into the one record. If you don't do that it will think each page is a different form.

How to fix:

  1. Edit the segment file for page 1.
  2. Add a bubble grid (like student id or patient id) or a barcode reader area to that page if there isn't one there already.
  3. Make sure "is a key field" is ticked when you look at the properties of the bubble grid or barcode reader area.
  4. Make sure the field name of the bubble grid is exactly the same as the corresponding source data field name. For instance, StudentID in the bubble gird, make sure there is a field called StudentID in the source data - FIELD NAMES ARE CASE SENSITIVE.
  5. Save the segment.
  6. Open the form file up and REMOVE the existing segment from the first page.
  7. Re-add the updated segment to the page and save the form file.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for the second page.
  9. Make sure there is a table in the source data that has the field name exactly the same. If there isn't then create a new table and create a new fieldname.
  10. Publish the form using that source data table and key field reconciles, append or add new record.
  11. Scan the forms again and see if the records are linking together.

An alternative:

Rather than publishing the forms as key field reconciles, publish the form as a unique form using Form ID. To do this, create a source data table and add the field name "form_number". Then go to Excel, add the heading form_number to the first row, click on the next row and enter the number 1. Click on the cell that contains 1 then hold the shift key and use the arrow keys to go down the page to the number of forms you'd like to create. Click Edit -> Fill Series and Excel should populate the column with numbers sequentially from 1 to the number of rows you have selected. Save this file as a CSV file. Open up FormReturn and click source data. Select the new table and click import records. Select the CSV file and import the data from it.

On each page you could also add Ā«form_numberĀ» as a text area to help you know which pages belong together (in the event of them getting mixed up). The downside of doing this is that you'd have to print out a big PDF file (which may not be practical if you are doing a few thousand or more pages).