My form won't process. It says "Unable to validate form page barcode".

This error means one of the following:

  1. You didn't use a published form. You probably used the dummy form with the Form ID barcode value of 12345-67890. If the scanned image that has the problem has that value, it won't work because you're supposed to use the published PDF file that automatically changes the barcode value once published to identify the owner of the form.

  2. You probably deleted the publication (in captured data), the form or the form page. To make sure you don't make mistakes, only delete when necessary (to make more space on your computer) and backup your database frequently.

  3. The form that you're using wasn't published on the computer that your scanning it back in on. The barcode number comes from a database record which is created on the computer that published the form. You'll have to transfer the database to the computer you want to scan it on or network the two client's to one server if you want it to work on a different computer.

  4. (RARE) You have another code 128 barcode on the page with the format NUMBER-NUMBER. The program looks for that pattern to locate the Form ID barcode.