I'm getting a high amount of errors in scans when everything is designed properly.

This can be caused by a number of issues:

  1. If there is a white streak running down your page when the image is scanned (with a sheet fed/document scanner/photocopier scanner), then your scan head needs to either be cleaned (most likely cause is a bit of something is stuck to it), or repaired until the white streaks no longer appear.

  2. If the background of the bubble area is shaded, make sure that when you run a test preview in the form design -> recognition tab area, that the background does not show up at all. Often when a form is printed in black and white and it contains color, it can dither the print, causing little black dots to appear. These little black dots will interfere with the detection process. Be sure that the background of the bubbles is white once in FormReturn.

  3. Something is connecting the bubbles to other bubbles. Be sure that the bubbles do not touch anything on the page. If they touch another bubble, they will be detected as an error.

  4. The respondent drew a number of lines that connected the bubbles together. Connected bubbles will be detected as an error.

  5. The respondent ticked the form or crossed the form with large crosses or ticks. If the balance of black is not close to the mid-point of the bubble, or the tick/cross extends to touch the boundaries of the fragment area, this will be detected as an error.