My form won't process. It says "Unable to locate Form ID".

This is a common problem that you might experience the first time you set up your scanner with FormReturn and start designing forms. It could be caused by one of the following issues:

  1. You forgot to add the Form ID barcode to a page.

  2. The Form ID barcode is too small for the software to read.

  3. You scanned the form as a PDF file. Most, but not all PDF files will read properly in FormReturn. If you have a problem reading PDF files (usually they appear white when you test them in the test preview part of the program), then use TIFF format instead. Preferably, always use Multi-page TIF files.

  4. If you scanned your form as a TIFF image, your TIFF image may be encoded in an obscure format that is not readable by the program. Try using JPEG or PDF instead.

  5. You scanned the image at too low a resolution (less than 200 DPI). Try rescanning at 300 DPI.

  6. You scanned the image at too high a resolution (exceeding 400 DPI). Try rescanning at 300 DPI.

  7. You used a PHOTOCOPIER to scan the image. A very common problem, particularly with photocopier scanners, is that forms are speckled with white speckles in the barcodes and all black areas of the page. If there is too much speckle in the barcode, the barcode reader will not read the barcode. In version 1.2.2 and all subsequent versions, the program will redetect the form after it despeckles the page. If it can detect the form after a despeckle, it will continue as normal. To fix the speckle issue, when you scan in a page on your photocopier, change the contrast setting to darker. This should reduce the amount of speckle in the image. Always check to make sure your images don't have speckles in them. There is a photocopier speckle example attached to this FAQ, please review what it looks like and what your scanned image looks like by zooming in on the barcode on your scanned image and making sure it isn't too speckled.