Exporting Captured Data From a Publication

Captured Data can be exported as a Delimited File or as Form Image Files. Select a Publication to export from the "Publications" page in Captured Data. Choose Export Data in the Publications panel to open the "Captured Data Export" Dialog. Here you can manage the data export options.

Delimited File Export

Column Ordering

The delimited file export option will export the columns of captured data to a CSV File which will open in a spreadsheet. Note: You must have an office package to open the spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Office or Open Office, installed on your computer.

Order Columns

Choose the Column Order for the captured data from the drop down menu: By Order Index: this option uses the order index given to source data and captured data fieldnames. Columns numbered before zero (FormReturns default columns such as publication_id) will appear first. The Order Index of Source Data fieldnames start at 0 zero and the numbering of your Captured Data fieldnames (question 1 etc.) starts at 1000. Captured responses and scores appear after the source data fieldnames on the spreadsheet.

By Fieldname Ascending: The fieldnames from your source data table would be exported alphabeticaly in ascending order.

By Fieldname Decending: The fieldnames from your source data table would be exported alphabeticaly in decending order.

Included Columns In Export:

For "Order Index" option only.

Select the "Included columns" for the data export. Any columns you don't want included in the Captured Data Export can be deselected by moving them over to the Available Columns. (select a column name and click the arrow to move it across).

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Delimited File Output

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For the delimited file output, select from the drop down menus for the Delimiter, Quotes and Included data in export.

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Click "Proceed With Delimited Export" button, to save the export to a CSV file. Choose a location for saving the csv file, give it a name and click Save.

A Success dialog will open when the CSV file has been saved.

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Click to open the saved CSV File, containing the Captured Data export.

Click OK and the CSV file will open as a spreadsheet in whichever office package you have, installed on your computer.

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Export Scanned Images

Scanned form images from the publication are exported to a PDF file.

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Image Collation

Export all images in one file: Exports all the scanned images in the selected publication as a single pdf file.

Merge and export form images together- Filename Prefix: Exports multi page forms as individual pdf files and automatically names them with the form id number as it appears in Captured Data.

Export page images individually - Filename Prefix: Exports each scanned page image as a single pdf file using the form page ID in Captured Data to automatically name the files.

Prefix Exported Filenames with Timestamp: Includes the processed time as a prefix in each pdf filename of the export.

Included in Export

enter image description here

Optional captured data can be included in the exported scanned image PDF files. In the below image, only the Captured Data and the Individual Scores have been included.

enter image description here

A Form Image File saved to PDF showing the scanned form page image and exported captured data on a single page.

Page Size and Export Options**

  1. Choose paper and font size size

  2. Source Data Columns
  3. Captured Data Columns is the number of columns across the page, as in the PDF file image above which has four columns for source data fieldnames and captured data displayed on the PDF page.

  4. Rotate scanned image 90 degrees, keeping this box selected will keep the scanned form image and exported captured data on the same page of the pdf file, as in the above image.

Export XML and XSL-FO Reports

XSL-FO is a language used for formatting XML files for output to screen, paper or other media.

The XML export option is for users who require XML as an output format for rendering raw captured data into reports. The XML files are imported into an XSL-FO template editor to create a template file using the raw data output, which can be transformed by FormReturn into a pdf file report.

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To Export as XML File

  1. Click "Export XML File"

  2. Click "Proceed with XML Export"

  3. Name the xml file and choose the location to save it, then click Save.

To Export as XML-FO Report

Included Elements in Export

XML Output Options

XSL-FO Template