Database Preferences

Click Preferences in the Application toolbar to open the Preferences Dialog.

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Click Database in the Preferences Dialog Menu Bar, to change to the client Database Preferences.

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Screenshot: Database Preferences Dialog.

Launch FormReturn Server at startup

database preferences

The FormReturn Client automatically connects to the FormReturn server at startup.

If you are networking FormReturn on different computers that connect to the same FormReturn server located on another computer, Un-check this box and use the Database Connection details to tell FormReturn where to connect to the server.

Database Connection Details

The default FormReturn Database is called FRDB. FormReturn automatically connects to this database on startup when you keep the Connect to database at startup box, selected.

You can connect FormReturn to other databases which have been added to FormReturn's server.

  1. Type the name of the database in the Database Name field.
  2. Click the Test Connection button to see that FormReturn connects to your new database.
  3. Click the Save Database Settings button to save the new database connection.

Click Restore Defaults to reset the database connection back to the original database. This will restore the original automatically generated password, which was created when the software was first installed.

Local Databases

If you have created another database for FormReturn to connect to, choose it from the list of local databases and click the "Set As Active Database" button.