Data Capture Process

Scanned form image files are uploaded to the Processing Queue and sent one at a time to the Form Processor in FormReturn's server.

Scanning Forms

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Document Scanner

FormReturn OMR software requires a clear scanned image to recognize the pages by reading the barcodes and to detect marked data made in checkboxes.

The most efficient way of scanning large numbers of Forms is to use a document scanner which has an automatic paper feeder. The scanned images are saved onto your computer as Tif, Gif, Png or PDF files (don't save them as JPEG files).

For Important information on scanning and saving form image files, see Capturing Form Images.

Upload Form Images

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There are a few options for uploading your scanned form images into FormReturn. The ' Processing Queue' is where scanned form images are manually uploaded. It usually takes only a few seconds for each image to be processed into captured data.

Form Images can be uploaded directly to FormReturn's Server.

To Automate the Upload of form image files, Schedule a task for the Folder Monitor in FormReturn's Server.

The Form Processor

The Form processor in FormReturn's server processes detected mark value into Captured Data at around 3 seconds per page depending on the resolution and quality of the scanned images.

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The Queue Information table in the 'Form Processor' shows information on the form files being processed.

Captured Data

Captured Data processed from each form page is reconciled with the source data table and stored with form template 'Publication Name' it belongs to, in 'Captured Data'.

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