FormReturn's components are the applications which automatically integrate the designed OMR Template with OMR Data Processing, Captured Data Management and Captured Data Export.

Segment Editor

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Click the New Segment icon to design a segment, which is later added as a layer to the form template. The segment is where OMR Checkboxes are added using the checkbox drawing tool.

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Segments can be different sizes so must be designed and added to the template separately, because each segment has defining barcodes located at the top right and bottom left. The segment barcodes are used by FormReturn to locate where the OMR checkboxes appear on the form page.

Quick Start to Design a Segment Template

Form Editor

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Click the New Form icon to access the form editor where form templates are designed. Every form template page has a segment and a Form ID Barcode added, which are the necessary form page components used for data capture from scanned forms. They are easily added to the form template, using the drawing tools in the Form Editor. Form Template Components Form Editor

Source Data

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Source Data is the part of FormReturn's database where Data Tables, with fieldnames and records are added. The captured data from every publication of forms will connect to records in a data table created in FormReturn. For anonymous forms such as general surveys, Formreturn will automatically generate sequential records into an empty data table.

Adding Source Data

Processing Queue

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The Processing Queue is where scanned form image files are uploaded to FormReturn and queued temporarily, until they are sent one at a time to the form processor in the FormReturn Server.

The processing of each uploaded form image takes a matter of seconds, hundreds of forms can be processed each day, depending on the speed of your scanner and computer and the quality of the scanned images.

Manage the Processing Queue

Captured Data

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Captured Data from processed form images is stored and managed in the 'Captured Data' component of FormReturn.

Manage Captured Data


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Click the Preferences icon to set preferences for FormReturn.

General Preferences

The FormReturn Server

Locate the FormReturn server icon in your computer's task bar to open the Server.

The FormReturn Server is used for:

  1. Database storage of data tables; form template structure information of the published forms and Captured data.
  2. Form processing, of scanned form images and sending the results to captured data.
  3. Task Scheduling.

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