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FormReturn is OMR software (Optical Mark Recognition software) for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, and is packed with easy to use features.

The FormReturn OMR form template design editor is used for creating custom designed bubble response OMR sheets that integrate with OMR software data capture.


Be sure to watch the Quick Start Guide videos as they explain how to use the program and provide tutorials for the most common use cases.

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Components of FormReturn

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Basic Steps For Using FormReturn OMR Software

1. Design a Basic OMR Form Template.

Design The Segment

The Segment is the component of the form template where the OMR checkbox mark areas are added. The segment is created separately and has it's own barcodes which define the segment. When the segment is finished and saved it is added to the form template, like a layer.

  1. Create a new Segment
  2. Add the OMR checkboxes and type any required question text.
  3. Then Save the segment (Ctrl+s).

Design The Form Template

  1. Click New Form to create a form template, add the segment and a Form ID barcode.
  2. Optional: Identify who each form page belongs to - Template Variable Replacement is similar to mail merge, replacing your typed fieldname with a record name from your data table when the form template is published. Identifying form pages

2. Recognition Test the Form Template

This is an important step to make sure the scanned forms will be recognizable to FormReturn and to make sure your scanners settings are correct to produce a very clear image of each form page.

  1. Click Recognition Preview, print a copy of the form template and scan it, then open it in the Test Preview window.

3. Add a Source Data Table

A Data Table is created in Source Data because FormReturn needs to append the captured data from each published form to a record in a data table, even for anonymous forms. Add your respondent's records or for anonymous forms an empty data table can be used.

  1. Click Source Data .
  2. With the Tables tab selected, Click "Add new" in the Tables Panel at left and type a table name.
  3. Click on the Table name to select it then Click Add new in the "Fields" panel and type a field name (Eg firstname lastname)
  4. Click on the fieldname to select it then click the "Records" Tab and click "Add new record" to type records.

4. Publish the Form Template and Print the Forms.

The form template is published to store it's name and information in FormReturn's data base, and give the captured data a place to be stored. A form for each record in your data table will be published or a single form which is re-printed as many times as needed (Publication Type).

  1. Click Publish Form and type a name for the publication.
  2. Select the Table Name with the records in Source Data that you want the captured data to reconcile with.
  3. Click the [Form ID Reconciles - Append Only] a Publication Type, this publication option will store the captured data from each form page, with the record it belongs to in your data table.
  4. Click "Publish and PDF" to save the publication to a pdf file then Print the forms from the PDF file and give to people to complete.

5. Scan and Upload the completed Forms.

  1. Save the scanned images as PNG (preferably) or TIFF format (CCITT group 4, RLE or packbits compression only).
  2. Click the Scan Forms button if you have a TWAIN compliant scanner connected to FormReturn. (Images scanned with TWAIN will automatically upload into FormReturn)
  3. Manually upload form images from the Processing Queue.

6. Manage and Export the Captured Data

  1. Click Captured Data to manage the captured form pages.
  2. Click Export to export the captured response data.